Iséda's Garden Founders
Iséda's Garden Founders
Iséda's Garden Founders


At Iséda’s Garden we put your skin's health first.  We are beauty lead by science and not trends. 



It is very important to us that our brand encompasses who we are as both individuals and a business.  Iséda means Nature Yoruba, which is Anthonia’s native tongue. Nigeria is very rich in culture which we wanted to pay homage to.

Asase Yaa is the Earth goddess of fertility of the Ashanti people of Ghana, one of the tribes that Orianna is from. The Adinkra Symbol Asase Ye Duru is used to represent the importance the earth and nature have in sustaining life.

In today’s world, we have this idea that nature is good, and chemicals are bad, which is not true as everything is a chemical.
From the water that you drink to the pigment that determines your eye colour, it is all formed with the elements of the periodic table

Through evolution, active and healing products such as Aloe Vera and liquorice have naturally formed and can be used in skincare products to do an array of things that benefit the health of our skin. However, nature cannot do it all. We learnt an important concept during our degree; successful innovation takes what is found in nature and improves on it by chemical modification.

We believe that finding synergy between materials found in nature and chemical components will give optimum results.

We met in 2014 as Chemistry freshers at Loughborough University.  Some would say that fate brought us together as an amazing friendship has blossomed.  Tasked with working together constantly in our degrees as laboratory partners, we realised how well we functioned as a team, being the ying to the others yang- a real dream team. 


More importantly, all of our non-educational interests aligned, we love the same restaurants, beauty brands, fashion trends, music, many who know us personally would say that we are the same person 😂

It is for these reasons that we decided to become business partners and launch Iséda’s Garden and Glowology.  We both have a deep love for the beauty industry, mainly skincare and the scientific knowledge to provide truly intelligent beauty. 

Orianna: I have struggled with seborrheic dermatitis since the age of 13.  I became frustrated when both the treatments that my doctor gave and natural remedies suggested to me didn't work.  In recent years I have leveraged my scientific and research background to find a way to manage my dermatitis.  I think that it is important that people are educated about skin, products and conditions to improve their skin health; I look forward to helping people who have experienced frustration similar to mine through providing treatments and giving advice.


Anthonia: I work as a Cosmetic Chemist for a skincare brand; I have the knowledge to dissect INCI lists and provide skincare recommendations with more insight than a regular beauty therapist.  I find joy in helping in their skin journey, re-educating them and letting them know that they do not have to spend a fortune or follow trends to reach their skin goals; understanding the true function and ingredients in products is the key to success.


Both of us rely on scientific research in our Chemistry careers to find latest advancements in our field; we apply these principles to the skincare and procedures that we do to ourselves and our clients to provide great, effective and safe results. 


Book one of our treatments to enjoy the Iséda’s Garden experience and to learn more about the science of skin. 



Lots of Love


Anthonia and Orianna 


Founders of Iséda’s Garden 

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